I'm Hilary, Goddess of Greatness.


Isn't it crazy how the smallest of things can lead to something so unexpected? The incredible fabric of the universe, just woven together, one thread after another. 

My journey began several years ago. 

Over the years, I developed a love for fitness. Not only was fitness beneficial for my physical health, but it was making huge changes in my mental health and self-confidence. My mindset started to shift, as I realized I was capable of much more than I had previously believed. I continued down the personal growth journey, improving many areas of my life. I soon realized this new mindset and outlook on life was at odds with the trajectory of my marriage. I heard a quote about "show me the 5 people closest to you, and I'll show you your future." My current life was unfulfilling and mediocre. I had big dreams and KNEW I was meant to be living a higher purpose. Knowing my current circumstances would not support that, I made the decision to end my marriage. 

So here I am- fresh out of a divorce and contemplating the next steps in my life. In the back of my mind, I always thought I would own my own business. So I became certified as a Personal Trainer and began my niche therapy practice. During this time, I began competing in bodybuilding. The discipline and mindset I gained from bodybuilding was life-changing. I truly learned what a huge impact mindset and discipline can have on your success in life. The combination of fitness, nutrition, mindset, and goal setting was transformational.   Ultimately- it helped me to instill confidence, self-worth, and fulfillment in my daily life. 

It was at this time, my Goddess journey began. *Your Goddess journey will not reveal itself to you until you are ready. You need to live the experiences and have the capacity for the changes you will experience.* Now having the confidence and strength needed, my Goddess journey began to unfold. It started with a retreat, and just accepting the use of the word "Goddess". *If it makes you uncomfortable to be called Goddess, you're in the right place*. ;)

Building community and connecting with other women who have discovered their Divine energy and alignment. Doing the inner work to feel out my true purpose and gifts. This process led me to realize what I am here for- and that is to help other women truly realize their power, beauty, and purpose. To realize their true inner Goddess, and begin living the life they were meant to.   

As someone who has built my life around being of service to others, I knew this was what I wanted to provide to the world. Specifically to women who aren't yet aware of their potential, or those who feel too stuck or unworthy to pursue it. I have realized my true purpose is to help other women create their dream lives. If you're willing to make the changes, anything in life is possible. 





1. We lead with respect and gratitude.

2. We require honesty and integrity from ourselves and others.

3. We believe that hard work and perseverance pay off.

4. We encourage constant learning and growth.

5. We never give up, because anything is possible. 

6. We value service, and give to others without expectation in return.

7. We dream big, and act with courage and confidence.


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